A day trip in Salento

5 05 2013

by Beatrice, 15 years old

Caves near Leuca


In this report, I’m going to recommend a day trip to Otranto and Leuca for visitors to Salento.

What to do

I suggest going to Leuca in the morning and visiting the caves along the coast. We could stop for a while at the sea, too. In the afternoon, we could go to Otranto to enjoy the sea there and take a visit of the city and the castle.

How to get there

Leuca is a one-hour trip by road from Lecce, the main city in Salento. A coach would be the most convenient way to travel. We would leave from Lecce, travel to Leuca and then continue to Otranto by this means.

The cost

I propose that the coach is paid for by the students. The students will need about €25 to cover the coach, food and water, and they should bring some extra money to spend on souvenirs.


In conclusion, I would recommend taking our visitors to Leuca and Otranto for the day, because they are two beautiful and interesting cities in our region of Italy.

Otranto in the evening

Easter traditions in Italy

10 04 2013

by Anna, 13 years old

If you’re thinking of coming to Italy at Easter time, here is some information about Italian Easter traditions.

At Easter, Italians often attend a church mass with their family. On Good Friday, you can watch a street procession that is different in every town and it’s very exciting. But when Italians are with their friends, they usually do something more fun like an Easter egg hunt at home, decorating eggs or having a picnic in a park or on the beach.

There is also a lot of different traditional Easter food. Italians often stay together with their relatives or friends for lunch on Easter Day and they eat something special. The most traditional dish is lamb, but also meat in general. In Apulia, people cook little balls of fried bread called pettole, which are delicious!


Before the end of Easter lunch, there are tasty desserts like almond paste in the shape of a lamb, or a sweet kind of bread in the shape of a dove. But children often prefer chocolate eggs, which are hollow and have a surprise inside, like a little game or an accessory.

Easter lamb

Finally, at the end of the lunch, kids recite poetry and adults give them coins – it’s a very nice thing!

The Magic Piper

16 05 2012

An elementary-level student’s summary of a well-known children’s story.

Once upon a time, in the year 1284, the small town of Hamelin in Germany was invaded by a lot of nasty rats.

The citizens were desperate and decided to refer to the mayor, rallying in the square in front of his window to find a solution.

The mayor appeared at the window, trying to smile, but he really didn’t know what to do and began to fidget.

At that moment, he heard three knocks on the door.

The door opened and a funny character entered. He was wearing blue, striped clothes, long, pointy shoes and a hat with a feather.

He said, “I came to liberate your city from the rats. I possess a magic power. With my music, I take with me objects, animals and people.”

The mayor was happy and he said, “If you can get rid of all these rats, I will reward you generously.”

The piper answered, “In less than an hour, you won’t see any more rats.”

He left the hall and began to play a very cheerful song on his pipe.

Immediately, as if by magic, a lot of mice came out from the houses and started dancing around the piper.


Continuing to play, the piper began walking towards the river.

When he arrived at the river, he stopped on the bank and led the rats into the water. In a few minutes, all the rats had disappeared and all the citizens were happy.

The magic piper went to the mayor for his money. But the mayor didn’t pay as he had promised. So, the magic piper left the hall and began playing another song on his pipe. Immediately, a lot of children came out from their houses and followed the piper out of town.

They finally arrived at a mountain. A stone door opened and all of them entered. Then, the stone door closed. Only one child, by chance, didn’t get in. No one from the town managed to find the mountain.

One morning, some time later, the child went to the mountain with a little pipe made by himself and began to play the same song played by the magic piper.

The great door opened and all the children of the town came out happily.

The magic piper gave his own pipe to the child and all the children returned to Hamelin.

In the city, there was a party for three days, and from that day the mayor learned to keep his promises.

Moral of the story: Keep your promises!

Where to eat the best pizza in Lecce

1 04 2012

by Maria Rossini

Are you in Lecce and looking for a place to eat a good, tasty pizza? Don’t worry, I’ll give you the right information. Never will you imagine where I’ll send you! Read on and you’ll find out!

Place and services

The pizzeria is called “Fratelli La Bufala”. It’s a chain that wants to bring to the world the tradition of Neapolitan cooking (therefore, the best and most famous pizza that exists). It is located at number 17/19 via Mogenico, near St Oronzo Square in the historical centre of the city.

The staff are highly qualified and friendly, the decor is cozy and the restaurant is on two levels, so you can sit near the two big windows and watch the world outside or take a seat towards the back, which offers more privacy.

The menu is refined, with delicious Neapolitan recipes. Almost all the dishes are prepared with buffalo mozzarella. The best of the best is the PIZZA: tasty, genuine and cooked to perfection. A little cold olive oil on top is the final touch for the true taste of the original pizza.

There are also desserts! If you’ve had enough of Italian cuisine and are missing a taste of England, be sure to try the cheesecake made with buffalo ricotta cheese, topped with a flavour of your choice. The price is affordable and, believe me, it is special.


I recommend this pizzeria because it is a place where you can find friendliness, quality and a taste you’ll never forget. Try and you will see it’s worth it!


Rome: my capital city

30 03 2012


Rome has a population of about 6 million people. It lies on the river Tevere, where the Romans landed about 3 000 years ago. Rome’s empire was very strong. It extended to France, Great Britain and Egypt.

Rome is famous for many things. Tourists come from all over the world to visit its historic buildings and monuments, such as the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and Trevi fountain.

For me, the best things about Rome are the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel which was painted by Michelangelo. There are also many shops and restaurants where you can buy anything and you can eat typical local dishes such as pasta alla carbonara and pasta all’amatriciana.

Like many big cities, Rome has problems with traffic and pollution. Every day, many people drive cars in the city and use the underground. The air isn’t clean and the streets aren’t safe. I think that Rome is good for tourists and for shopping, but it isn’t a relaxing or quiet place to live.

An elementary level composition.

Film Review: Charlie’s Angels

19 03 2012

: English 

Country: USA

Year: 2000

Genre: action comedy

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu

A review by KET class students, 12-13 years old

This film is about three spies who work for Charlie, a mysterious millionnaire who they have never met, and another man called Bosley. This time their mission is to save Knox and his special programme, but Knox had lied because he wanted to  find and kill Charlie. So, Charlie is in danger because Knox thinks that Charlie killed his father and now he wants to take revenge. The spies must protect Charlie and kill Knox, even if they think that he was nice. At the end, the spies kill Knox and they live to have a lot more incredible adventures!

The best parts of the film were the fight scenes, especially when the spies captured the skinny, slimy man near the beginning and the final fight with the three angels working together against evil.

We liked this film very much because it’s an adventure and action film and the special effects were great.

We recommend this film to everyone, especially those who love action, adventure and comedy. There are a lot of cool fighting scenes.

Average class rating:    

Happy watching!

My favourite Italian food

14 03 2012

An elementary level composition

My favourite Italian food is pizza margherita, which has tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. In general, I eat pizza at weekends with my friends. Usually, when I eat pizza, I like to drink a cold, blond beer and sometimes I eat chips, too.

My favourite food from my region, Salento, is frisa, which is very hard bread dipped in water to soften it. We eat this topped with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and rocket leaves. It’s a simple dish but I like it very much. It’s delicious and especially popular in summer time.