Where does Santa Claus live?

30 11 2010

by Alberto

I am sure that almost everyone in their childhood has always wandered where Santa Claus lives, and perhaps doesn’t even know the answer to this question.

Santa Claus lives in Lapland, a cultural region split in two entities, one Finnish and Swedish, and is within the Arctic Circle. Because of its geographical position, the weather is very cold, but for the same reason, during the summer season there is the wonderful phenomenon of midnight sun (in the picture). On the other hand, the winter season is characterized by polar night.

The minority indigenous people of Lapland are called Lapp People (now named Sami People) and they gave the name to the region.

Lapland is full of high mountains, thought to be Santa bases. Korvatunturi, in Finnish Lappland, is the most important of these, as it is considered to be Santa’s house. Korvatunturi is named for the three large ears on its top (in fact Korvatunturi in Finnish means Ear mountain). It is 483 metres high and underneath it is full of very long, hidden tunnels which can only be accessed by Santa.

Lapland offers to its visitors wonderful landscapes, very long river waterways and beautiful hilly regions. Of course, the most representative animal is the reindeer, which pulls the sledge that Santa travels on.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article and that you have learnt a bit more about Lapland. So, if one day your son or daughter asks you where Santa Claus lives, you will be able to answer!



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