Spring fashion

29 03 2011

This is what women will be loving in the spring season!

Maxi dresses

The first piece of clothing that is starting to be loved by women are magnificent maxi dresses, very colourful and with different exotic patterns. Perfect for these nice spring days where you can enjoy a nice walk in the sun in a super-stylish way!

Lace clothing

No, it’s not new. But it’s so IN now!  And to look even more fabulous you just have to wear lace clothes with quality antique-style fabrics! You’ll look fancy for special occasions or casual to go out in the city.


Sometimes a little detail is all it takes to change a particular item that you might consider old-fashioned. In spring 2011, one of the most popular ‘accessories’ for bags, shoes and hats are little fancy tassels!

Tail hems

This name is given to a particular style of dress that is longer at the back and shorter in front. They’ve been seen as an alternative to the summer mini skirt or, sometimes, maxi dress, and for spring/summer 2011 ‘tail hems’ continue to inspire more and more fashion designers!


Stripes are a dominant part of any spring/summer season, although they usually change theme from year to year. Spring 2011 sees stripes with a predictable ‘sailor style’ so you can look forward to breezy, relaxed summer days frolicking in the sun.


Jumpsuits and playsuits

There’s something strange about these items: one season they’re in, the next season they’re out. For spring/summer 2011 they’re back again, ready to fight off the other fashion trends with a ‘grungy’ style.

By Johara Gargiulo



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22 09 2011
Kevan Larson

I love you.

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