A day trip in Salento

5 05 2013

by Beatrice, 15 years old

Caves near Leuca


In this report, I’m going to recommend a day trip to Otranto and Leuca for visitors to Salento.

What to do

I suggest going to Leuca in the morning and visiting the caves along the coast. We could stop for a while at the sea, too. In the afternoon, we could go to Otranto to enjoy the sea there and take a visit of the city and the castle.

How to get there

Leuca is a one-hour trip by road from Lecce, the main city in Salento. A coach would be the most convenient way to travel. We would leave from Lecce, travel to Leuca and then continue to Otranto by this means.

The cost

I propose that the coach is paid for by the students. The students will need about €25 to cover the coach, food and water, and they should bring some extra money to spend on souvenirs.


In conclusion, I would recommend taking our visitors to Leuca and Otranto for the day, because they are two beautiful and interesting cities in our region of Italy.

Otranto in the evening