Johara is a half-Scottish, half-Italian teenager. She was born in Glasgow 15 years ago but she has always lived in Italy, her father’s country. Now she lives in Lecce, a beautiful city in the south of Italy. Thanks to her Scottish mother she has been learning English since she was born and now she speaks it fluently. Johara attends secondary school and studies many languages. Her favourite ones are German and Spanish. After she finishes school she hopes to become a journalist, maybe in New York or even better, in her mother’s country, Scotland, which she prefers to Italy. Johara likes animals and she has a dog, Rocky, a Labrador. Her favourite food is meat pie, which she enjoys eating in Scotland because it’s impossible to find here in Lecce. Johara is really enthusiastic about this on-line English project and she thinks it will be a good opportunity to learn new skills.


Alberto is another student involved in running this website and he is from Lecce, a small city of the south of Italy. He is a dynamic person and he loves sports, especially football, which is his main hobby. He is also a great supporter of the Italian football team, Milan. Like all the creators of this blog, he has been studying English for a long time. He believes this project could be an interesting way of improving our English and a good way to get to know each other better. It is also a great opportunity for team building. What more we can say about Alberto? He loves good food, especially pizza and chocolate!


Gavino enjoys horse riding and he has two horses of his own. He loves animals and he’d like to become a vet. He’s good at school and he gets top marks in Physics and Maths. His favourite foods are meat and pizza. If he won the lottery he would buy a lot of houses and rent them out, then he’d invest the money so he wouldn’t have to work. He’d like to live in Belgium or Germany because these are rich places. If he had the chance he would start to play the drums. He hopes that this site will become a social network and that we will all manage to work together as a big family.


Lydia is the newest member of the blog-writing group. She’s 17 years old and she has always lived in Lecce. She likes her city, although she someties finds it a bit monotonous because it’s a small place. She likes spending her free time with her friends, either shopping or just hanging out. She also likes going to the cinema and enjoys watching both action films and love stories. She is an avid reader, especially during school holidays, and enjoys water sports like wakeboarding and monoskiing.

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