Easter traditions in Italy

10 04 2013

by Anna, 13 years old

If you’re thinking of coming to Italy at Easter time, here is some information about Italian Easter traditions.

At Easter, Italians often attend a church mass with their family. On Good Friday, you can watch a street procession that is different in every town and it’s very exciting. But when Italians are with their friends, they usually do something more fun like an Easter egg hunt at home, decorating eggs or having a picnic in a park or on the beach.

There is also a lot of different traditional Easter food. Italians often stay together with their relatives or friends for lunch on Easter Day and they eat something special. The most traditional dish is lamb, but also meat in general. In Apulia, people cook little balls of fried bread called pettole, which are delicious!


Before the end of Easter lunch, there are tasty desserts like almond paste in the shape of a lamb, or a sweet kind of bread in the shape of a dove. But children often prefer chocolate eggs, which are hollow and have a surprise inside, like a little game or an accessory.

Easter lamb

Finally, at the end of the lunch, kids recite poetry and adults give them coins – it’s a very nice thing!