A day trip in Salento

5 05 2013

by Beatrice, 15 years old

Caves near Leuca


In this report, I’m going to recommend a day trip to Otranto and Leuca for visitors to Salento.

What to do

I suggest going to Leuca in the morning and visiting the caves along the coast. We could stop for a while at the sea, too. In the afternoon, we could go to Otranto to enjoy the sea there and take a visit of the city and the castle.

How to get there

Leuca is a one-hour trip by road from Lecce, the main city in Salento. A coach would be the most convenient way to travel. We would leave from Lecce, travel to Leuca and then continue to Otranto by this means.

The cost

I propose that the coach is paid for by the students. The students will need about €25 to cover the coach, food and water, and they should bring some extra money to spend on souvenirs.


In conclusion, I would recommend taking our visitors to Leuca and Otranto for the day, because they are two beautiful and interesting cities in our region of Italy.

Otranto in the evening

Rome: my capital city

30 03 2012


Rome has a population of about 6 million people. It lies on the river Tevere, where the Romans landed about 3 000 years ago. Rome’s empire was very strong. It extended to France, Great Britain and Egypt.

Rome is famous for many things. Tourists come from all over the world to visit its historic buildings and monuments, such as the Colosseum, St Peter’s Basilica, the Vatican Museums and Trevi fountain.

For me, the best things about Rome are the Vatican Museums and the Sistine Chapel which was painted by Michelangelo. There are also many shops and restaurants where you can buy anything and you can eat typical local dishes such as pasta alla carbonara and pasta all’amatriciana.

Like many big cities, Rome has problems with traffic and pollution. Every day, many people drive cars in the city and use the underground. The air isn’t clean and the streets aren’t safe. I think that Rome is good for tourists and for shopping, but it isn’t a relaxing or quiet place to live.

An elementary level composition.

Caribbean cruise

8 03 2012

Last year, I wrote about a beautiful cruise that my friends and I went on, travelling in the Persian Gulf on the Costa Deliziosa. This year, we decided to do a cruise on the Costa Luminosa, the twin vessel of Costa Deliziosa, in the Caribbean Islands. Sadly, though, this cruise wasn’t as beautiful as last year’s.

Costa Luminosa is beautiful, but the Deliziosa ship that we travelled on last year is newer, pleasanter, more colourful and more luxurious than its twin. The cruise in the Caribbean sea was more tiring than travelling in the Persian Gulf because every day the ship arrived at a different island and in every port people were landing and boarding. This continuous activity was stressful! The ship was always in working progress, so the guests never had peace and quiet.

However, actually visiting the Caribbean islands is beautiful. The French Antilles, Guadeloupe, Martinque and half of St Martin have wonderful, untouched beaches and sparkling seas, while the Dutch half of St Maarten is very touristic, full of well-equipped beaches and many organised activities like watercrafting, surfing, bars with music and everything that tourists like.

Santo Domingo has a wonderful marine park and two little islands, Catalina and Saona, where you can find white beaches and transparent seas of blue, green and turquoise hues.

The Virgin Islands and Antigua are the best islands we visited. These islands have beautiful vegetation, exotic fruit trees and pineapple and banana plantations. These islands have many beaches: Antigua has 365 of them, and Virgingorda Island has many small beaches between groups of large granite stones.

Antigua is a big, free port. In this place, you can buy jewellery, watches and precious stones.

The Caribbean Islands are a beautiful place for a wonderful holiday but  in my opinion, a cruise isn’t the most relaxing way to visit them!

by Rita Montagna, pre-elementary level

A day trip around Lecce

14 02 2011

by Federico, upper intermediate


In this report, I’m going to recommend a day trip to the historic centre of Lecce and around, for our visitors from England. Lecce is an old city with a lot of beautiful places and shops to visit. There are monuments that are very important in the history of Italy.

What to do

In the morning, I suggest we go to the beach in Otranto, a beautiful town near Lecce. After visiting the sea, we can come back to Lecce and visit museums and monuments. In particular, near Piazza Sant’Oronzo there are two fantastic baroque-style churches: Santa Croce and the Duomo. In the evening, we can also go to eat in a luxurious restaurant, Giardino. At night we can go dancing in a disco.

How to get there

Lecce is a 3-hour trip by plane from London. Flying is the most convenient way to travel because it’s fast. By plane, you will arrive in Brindisi. From Brindisi, we can hire a coach to take us to the beach in Otranto and then to the centre of Lecce.

The cost

I don’t know the price of the plane tickets, but Lecce isn’t a very expensive city to visit, so 50 euros should be enough to cover a day’s expenses, including lunch and dinner.


In conclusion, I recommend visiting Lecce because it’s a very beautiful and peaceful city. If you want to relax and learn about a historic Italian city, take the plane and come here!

Piazza Sant’ Oronzo

Teacher’s note: This was a 10-minute, in-class writing exercise, so students had to write very quickly and did not have time for research.


4 02 2011

Sometimes we need to forget our problems and stress. I personally think that a beautiful cruise is the best solution!

I got a cruise ship in Dubai recently. Costa Deliziosa is a very big and comfortable ship. The staff are very efficient and nice, so you can forget everything and you can relax. You can sunbathe near the swimming pool, get a beautiful massage in the spa, take a drink, go skiing… or anything else you’d like to do.

The cruise ship docks at the ports of the most beautiful cities in the Persian gulf.

Dubai is the Arabian Manhattan. Its skyline is like that of New York. This city has the highest skyscraper in the world – its name is “At The Top”.

Abu Dhabi is a mix of three cities: the promenades and beaches of Miami; the beautiful villas, gardens and fountains of Bel Air in Los Angeles; and the skyscrapers of downtown San Francisco.

Muscat in Oman is a beautiful and typically Arabian town, with mosques, houses in white marble and its souk (typical market) full of people, spices and things to buy.

One of the best tours is the desert safari by jeep, between the red sand dunes near Dubai and Abu Dhabi.

In addition, every night on the cruise ship there is a lot of entertainment: music, a disco area, a cinema, a casino and live shows in a real theatre!

Last, but not least, the food is very, very good: Italian cuisine and also international cuisine. The chefs cook all the time so you can eat any time you are hungry…

What more could you want?

by Rita Montagna, elementary

Paris: one of the best cities on Christmas Day

20 12 2010

photo from BBC news

Paris is the capital of France and it’s one of the best cities I’ve ever visited for the Christmas holidays. Along the streets, there are a lot of fairy lights and small Christmas trees. Everything is decorated with lights and baubles. Paris has a lot of Christmas spirit and everyone is very happy around this time. One of the best places that is completely decorated is the Arc de Triomphe – it’s brightly illuminated and on the streets around it the trees are full of lights and baubles. Sometimes in Paris it snows and everything is completely covered by the snow. It seems like Father Christmas’ house. At Christmas you can also eat a lot of food like turkey, Christmas cake and mince pies. I think Christmas time, not only in Paris but all around the world, is the best period for peoples’ morale, especially for children who believe in Father Christmas and receive a lot of big presents!

by Federico, upper intermediate


20 12 2010

by Anna

For Christmas I would like all people to become better. On Christmas day everyone stays with their family and relatives to eat a lot and exchange presents. On Christmas day I normally stay in my house in Paris with my family and friends. I like Paris during this period because there are a lot of fairy lights, snow and Christmas spirit.

image from fanpop

Christmas holidays

15 12 2010

by Gavino

Surely Christmas is the perfect time to forget all of life’s problems and pack your bags for a wonderful Christmas holiday to re-charge your batteries?

There are many Christmas destinations to choose from, including cold destinations and hot destinations. In particular, the most requested places are the mountains of central Europe and hot countries in Africa and South America.


Italy and France  are visited every Christmas by millions of people who are attracted by the big ski stations in the Alps. Places like Cortina d’Ampezzo and Courmayer have all the comforts you need, including sport, leisure centres, shops and in the end a lot of fun!In these cities there are some very organised ski stations that are very popular, where you can see a lot of famous skiers.Moreover, these places have a really active night life, so if you’re looking for fun, these places are perfect!


If you don’t like the cold of the snow and the freezing wind of the mountains, you can address your holiday to hot destinations like Sharm El Sheik, Capo Verde or even Honolulu or Santo Domingo. In these places, the situation is completely different: you can spend your days lying on beautiful beaches enjoying a warm breeze, or you can use the fantastic swimming pool facilities in the luxurious hotels that are avaliable. There is also a great night life in these locations and you can make a lot of friends.

So,this is what most people choose… What about you? Where will you go this Christmas?