Film Review: Charlie’s Angels

19 03 2012

: English 

Country: USA

Year: 2000

Genre: action comedy

Cast: Cameron Diaz, Drew Barrymore, Lucy Liu

A review by KET class students, 12-13 years old

This film is about three spies who work for Charlie, a mysterious millionnaire who they have never met, and another man called Bosley. This time their mission is to save Knox and his special programme, but Knox had lied because he wanted to  find and kill Charlie. So, Charlie is in danger because Knox thinks that Charlie killed his father and now he wants to take revenge. The spies must protect Charlie and kill Knox, even if they think that he was nice. At the end, the spies kill Knox and they live to have a lot more incredible adventures!

The best parts of the film were the fight scenes, especially when the spies captured the skinny, slimy man near the beginning and the final fight with the three angels working together against evil.

We liked this film very much because it’s an adventure and action film and the special effects were great.

We recommend this film to everyone, especially those who love action, adventure and comedy. There are a lot of cool fighting scenes.

Average class rating:    

Happy watching!