One dark and stormy night…

29 10 2011

10-minute Halloween stories written in class


Giulio and Davide wrote:

…┬áthere was a bat. The bat’s name was Francesco. He liked to drink people’s blood. He killed 325 people. On Halloween, Francesco killed 50 more children for Halloween. Then he went to sleep on a tree with all their heads because he collected them.

Benedetta (13), Francesca (14) and Ester (14) wrote:

…┬áthere was a vampire in a haunted house. A witch knocked at the door and said, “Trick or treat!” But when the vampire opened the door, the witch died of a heart attack. Later, a ghost killed the vampire and ate all the witch’s sweets. Then the ghost died of stomach ache.


Simone (13), Davide (13) and Andrea (12) wrote:

… a girl was walking in the woods. She heard strange noises and there were a lot of spiders and bats. She arrived at home. It was all dark and black. She opened the door and saw the light was turned off. She turned it on and saw a lot of blood on the floor. She was scared and started to shout. She went upstairs to the bedroom. There was a skeleton on the bed and more strange noises. Then, in the mirror, she saw the reflection of a ghost behind her. She turned around quickly. The ghost had a sword with blood on it. She died on the night of Halloween.


Alice (13) and Giorgia (13) wrote:

… five children were playing in a park, when their ball went over the gate of a haunted house. The children opened the gate and went into the garden of the house, but the gate closed them in. They were scared! The five children saw their ball, but when they tried to take it, the ball disappeared. They heard a scream. Then there were just four children left. The four children jumped over the wall and ran back to their house.





Eleonora (13) and Alessia (13) wrote:

… while vampires were drinking people’s blood and witches were flying in the dark with their brooms, some children went trick-or-treating and arrived at a haunted house. It was infested with ghosts. The children were scared, when suddenly a monster with a horrible face arrived. He didn’t have any eyes and his mouth was full of spiders. Suddenly, they were saved by a scary witch and her black cat, who took them away from the monster. But then she put the children in a cauldron, boiled them and ate them. And then she lived happily ever after.