The Magic Piper

16 05 2012

An elementary-level student’s summary of a well-known children’s story.

Once upon a time, in the year 1284, the small town of Hamelin in Germany was invaded by a lot of nasty rats.

The citizens were desperate and decided to refer to the mayor, rallying in the square in front of his window to find a solution.

The mayor appeared at the window, trying to smile, but he really didn’t know what to do and began to fidget.

At that moment, he heard three knocks on the door.

The door opened and a funny character entered. He was wearing blue, striped clothes, long, pointy shoes and a hat with a feather.

He said, “I came to liberate your city from the rats. I possess a magic power. With my music, I take with me objects, animals and people.”

The mayor was happy and he said, “If you can get rid of all these rats, I will reward you generously.”

The piper answered, “In less than an hour, you won’t see any more rats.”

He left the hall and began to play a very cheerful song on his pipe.

Immediately, as if by magic, a lot of mice came out from the houses and started dancing around the piper.


Continuing to play, the piper began walking towards the river.

When he arrived at the river, he stopped on the bank and led the rats into the water. In a few minutes, all the rats had disappeared and all the citizens were happy.

The magic piper went to the mayor for his money. But the mayor didn’t pay as he had promised. So, the magic piper left the hall and began playing another song on his pipe.¬†Immediately, a lot of children came out from their houses and followed the piper out of town.

They finally arrived at a mountain. A stone door opened and all of them entered. Then, the stone door closed. Only one child, by chance, didn’t get in. No one from the town managed to find the mountain.

One morning, some time later, the child went to the mountain with a little pipe made by himself and began to play the same song played by the magic piper.

The great door opened and all the children of the town came out happily.

The magic piper gave his own pipe to the child and all the children returned to Hamelin.

In the city, there was a party for three days, and from that day the mayor learned to keep his promises.

Moral of the story: Keep your promises!