My favourite Italian food

14 03 2012

An elementary level composition

My favourite Italian food is pizza margherita, which has tomatoes, mozzarella and basil. In general, I eat pizza at weekends with my friends. Usually, when I eat pizza, I like to drink a cold, blond beer and sometimes I eat chips, too.

My favourite food from my region, Salento, is frisa, which is very hard bread dipped in water to soften it. We eat this topped with fresh tomatoes, olive oil and rocket leaves. It’s a simple dish but I like it very much. It’s delicious and especially popular in summer time.

Italian meals

15 03 2011

by Rita Montagna, elementary

In Italy, people generally eat three meals a day: breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Italian people like a sweet breakfast, for example, biscuits, cake or bread with jam. We drink a cup of milky coffee, a cappuccino or a tea. For breakfast in my family, my daughter has a cup of milk with cornflakes, my husband has a little cup of coffee with milk and biscuits and I have a big cup of tea with milk or lemon and some cake like pasticciotto, a typical sweet breakfast food in my region.

Coffee and pasticciotto

Italian people really enjoy having lunch. We like to eat pasta like tagliatelle or lasagne with tomato sauce, vegetables or a special sauce called ragù. In Puglia, a typical type of pasta is orecchiette. We can also eat meat with salad or fish with vegetables. After lunch, we like to drink a cup of espresso to signal the end of the meal.

Tagliatelle al ragù

For dinner in my family, we like to eat pizza, cheese, legume or vegetable soup or sandwiches. At the end of lunch or dinner, we often eat fruit for dessert. In my family, we usually eat just one course for each meal, but a lot of Italian people eat two or three courses at each meal.

Pizza rustica