Where to eat the best pizza in Lecce

1 04 2012

by Maria Rossini

Are you in Lecce and looking for a place to eat a good, tasty pizza? Don’t worry, I’ll give you the right information. Never will you imagine where I’ll send you! Read on and you’ll find out!

Place and services

The pizzeria is called “Fratelli La Bufala”. It’s a chain that wants to bring to the world the tradition of Neapolitan cooking (therefore, the best and most famous pizza that exists). It is located at number 17/19 via Mogenico, near St Oronzo Square in the historical centre of the city.

The staff are highly qualified and friendly, the decor is cozy and the restaurant is on two levels, so you can sit near the two big windows and watch the world outside or take a seat towards the back, which offers more privacy.

The menu is refined, with delicious Neapolitan recipes. Almost all the dishes are prepared with buffalo mozzarella. The best of the best is the PIZZA: tasty, genuine and cooked to perfection. A little cold olive oil on top is the final touch for the true taste of the original pizza.

There are also desserts! If you’ve had enough of Italian cuisine and are missing a taste of England, be sure to try the cheesecake made with buffalo ricotta cheese, topped with a flavour of your choice. The price is affordable and, believe me, it is special.


I recommend this pizzeria because it is a place where you can find friendliness, quality and a taste you’ll never forget. Try and you will see it’s worth it!


A day trip around Lecce

14 02 2011

by Federico, upper intermediate


In this report, I’m going to recommend a day trip to the historic centre of Lecce and around, for our visitors from England. Lecce is an old city with a lot of beautiful places and shops to visit. There are monuments that are very important in the history of Italy.

What to do

In the morning, I suggest we go to the beach in Otranto, a beautiful town near Lecce. After visiting the sea, we can come back to Lecce and visit museums and monuments. In particular, near Piazza Sant’Oronzo there are two fantastic baroque-style churches: Santa Croce and the Duomo. In the evening, we can also go to eat in a luxurious restaurant, Giardino. At night we can go dancing in a disco.

How to get there

Lecce is a 3-hour trip by plane from London. Flying is the most convenient way to travel because it’s fast. By plane, you will arrive in Brindisi. From Brindisi, we can hire a coach to take us to the beach in Otranto and then to the centre of Lecce.

The cost

I don’t know the price of the plane tickets, but Lecce isn’t a very expensive city to visit, so 50 euros should be enough to cover a day’s expenses, including lunch and dinner.


In conclusion, I recommend visiting Lecce because it’s a very beautiful and peaceful city. If you want to relax and learn about a historic Italian city, take the plane and come here!

Piazza Sant’ Oronzo

Teacher’s note: This was a 10-minute, in-class writing exercise, so students had to write very quickly and did not have time for research.