What are men wearing this winter?

16 12 2010

by Johara

Summer is the season where you wear as few clothes as possible, but in winter how can you not wear layers? In this post I’m going to talk about menswear, specifically, because we don’t want them to feel chilly either, do we? Whether it’s socks, jumpers, jackets, all we need in this season is COLOUR!

All summer, men were rolling up their trousers to just above their ankles:


In winter a few knitted items are essential. The brighter the colours, the better! Try this look to be cozy and fashionable at the same time:


If you prefer knitted jumpers, something that your gran could have knitted mixed with an ultra chic knitted animal pattern is perfect for you:


A suit is essential in your wardrobe – every man just HAS to have at least one good suit! By suit I mean a (possibly tweed) jacket, shirt, blazer, trousers, tie and a pocket for your fancy handkerchief.


What about a smart bow tie to look like  James Bond? These are especially great for suits that you’ll wear on special occasions!


And it looks like “aviator fashion” is very “IN” this winter for women and men, too! How about fancy Cufflinks?